Who are we?

Global Education is a British Columbia school district #73 Business Company.

The administration team are from the Kamloops-Okanagan School District #73, BC, Canada and the teachers are BC certified teachers.

Global Education s goal  is to provide outstanding technology assisted learning to International students.

Our program blends interactive online courses with face to face support in the home country.

Our product is unique because of the teachers that have a passion for offering the strongest online programs for 21st century learners.

Who is the Administration?

Rob Schoen, President of Global Education.

His primary responsibilities include marketing and designing the technology assisted learning models as well as coordination of BC accreditation with the Ministry of Education

What is the Product?

Global Education is offering cutting edge, technology assisted learning to international students taught by passionate, experienced and qualified BC
Distributed Learning teachers.

By creating a technology assisted learning program with Global Education, students will have the opportunity to attain their BC Dogwood Certificate online.

The British Columbia Certificate of Graduation or "Dogwood Diploma" is awarded upon successful completion of the provincial graduation requirements.

Global Education can offer students accredited British Columbia High School courses. Students will be able to attain their Dogwood Diploma through
technology assisted learning with the exception of English 30 and Social Studies 30. These courses are only offered face to face during the summer.

There are a variety of options to Technology Assisted Learning options which are dependent on the clientís needs.

Some of the options are:

TAL Programs Options:
These programs offer credits that can be used towards a BC Dogwood Diploma with which you can apply to any universities in North America.
These courses are open to students of all ages.

BC Accredited High School courses
All subjects areas, everything except Social Studies 11 and English 12

ESL courses
(Accredited and Non-accredited)

2+1 International Program
Students take TAL courses for 2 years in their home country then live in Kamloops, BC for one year.

Elementary Program
Based on the Discovery SunPeaks Ski School Model

Online Tutoring

What is Global Education TA?

A Global Education TA is a native English Speaking Teacherís Assistant who will work with the students in a computer classroom situation at least once a week.

A TA who has some ESL and teacher training is preferred. The TA must complete an online course facilitated by Global Education.

The course will include all job expectations and guidelines.

Are the courses "regular" BC credit courses?

The courses are regular courses.

All students must pass a language proficiency test in order to begin any of the BC credit courses.

We offer ESL Integrated model programs in order to support our learners. 

What are the Language Proficiency Requirements?

We use the online version of the Gates-Macginitie Reading and Comprehension Test.

In order to take Online BC high School classes, students must achieve a language proficiency of grade 6 English.

If students are unable to achieve a grade 6 level, we can offer ESL technology assisted support.

Students can take the language proficiency test once every semester.

When do the courses start?

The courses are semestered and on a synchronous timeline in order to offer a blended, interactive program.

Courses begin in September, February and July.

Who else is doing this?

At this point, Kamloops is the only business company to offer blended technology assisted learning to International students.

We are currently working with a variety of BC Offshore Schools in China and for International Students in BC, of our HELPS office in Burnaby BC.

What are the costs for the courses? And how do we register?

The costs are dependent upon the program.   To registrer for the courses please e-mail the registrar for more details.

How do you determine how many students actually take the course?

The course must have a minimum of 6 students registered from the same school.

What is the process for paying for the course?

The payment for the courses will be finalized after you register your students/school through the tỉ lệ cược bóng đá registrar.

What are the responsibilities of Global Education?

Having the Internet connection, computers, headsets, interactive screen and software established in a Home School

Registering and paying for the students

Hiring a TA to work with an online teacher

Giving the TA the time to complete a TA online training course offered by Global Education

What are the responsibilities of the host school?

Registering and paying for the students

Hiring a TA to work with an online teacher

What input do we have if there are issues with the course. Is there a process for feedback?

During the course, please contact the tỉ lệ cược bóng đá registrar with any feedback or concerns.

At the end of the course, all students and administration are encouraged to fill out a feedback form.