Who we are:

Xspace Learning is the first educational institution in British Columbia in working as
a strategic partner with different BC School Districts that serves English language
learners through an awareness of the differences in culture-influenced learning habits.

In our learning commons we work together with school districts to provide BC high
school courses through a blended learning and flipped classroom model.
Xspace also provides authorized testing services (through H.E.L.P.S. Testing Center)
for multiple public online schools.
What we commit to:

Xspace commits itself to the success of students by :

1) Facilitating a timely integration of students into the Canadian education system, including the effective mastering of English
and other BC credit subjects.

2) Bridging gaps between cultures and methodologies to foster students' growth and excellence.

3) Encouraging students to take ownership of their education by developing self-discipline and confidence.

4) Fostering digital literacy skills through the use of technology.

Where to look for us:

Xspace Learning & H.E.L.P.S. Learning Center
#220-4400 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, B.C. Canada
V6X 3R8

Phone: 604.249.4577

E-mail: tỉ lệ cược bóng đá info@xspacelearning.com, admin@helpsedu.com
Website: tỉ lệ cược bóng đá